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Hognose - Wikipedia

Hognose snake is a common name for several colubrid snake species with upturned snouts. . Hognose snakes' most distinguishing characteristic is their upturned snout, which aids in digging in sandy soils by using a sweeping, side to side..

DNR: Eastern Hog-nosed Snake -

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake Information Page

Eastern Hognose Snakes - Dr. Laurie Vitt

Dec 7, 2010 . Eastern Hog-nosed Snakes are moderate-sized, heavily bodied snakes with a highly variable color pattern. In eastern Oklahoma, the body..

DEEP: Eastern Hog-nosed Snake -

Mar 8, 2018 . Background and Range: The eastern hog-nosed snake is one of the most unique snakes found in Connecticut because of its behavior, habits,..

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake (Heterodon platirhinos) | Kentucky Snake .

Eastern Hog-nosed Snakes are characterized by an upturned snout scale that is reminiscent of a hog's nose.Their dorsal color can be black, gray, yellow, dark..

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