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Your property boundaries - GOV.UK

About your property boundaries, working out your boundary lines, boundaries and neighbour disputes, agreeing who's responsible for walls and fences

Fence ownership: who owns that garden fence? - Rated People

We're all used to seeing fences around gardens of individual houses but in most cases . Information Form which you can find at . There's no law which says your neighbour has to repair their fence, even if it's..

Boundary Fences & Fences and Boundaries - Boundary Problems

There are a number of circumstances where the law requires that fences are . As a general rule, fences in rear gardens are allowed to be up to 2 metres high

Gardening Laws, Land Laws - your rights - Let's Go Gardening UK

Gardening laws about boundaries, planning permission, trees, ponds, fences and walls, neighboours and more

Garden Law - walls, fences and trespass

There are some interesting discussions on walls and fences in the discussion .

Maintaining Garden Walls And Fences Who Pays? - HomeOwners .

One of our legal experts answers a question on who is responsible for garden walls and fences. A common problem between neighbours. - HomeOwners..

Garden Law - Boundaries - walls and fences

Garden Law:a web page covering legal issues relating to walls,boundaries . All you need to do is to click on and click on the English or..

Ownership of boundary fences -

If you are unsure who owns a boundary fence you can look at any copies of title . it is commonly believed that if fence posts are located in one person's garden..

Planning Permission | Fences, gates and garden walls | Planning .

Details of the planning permission and building regulation regimes for Fences, gates and garden walls

The UK law concerning fences, walls and gates | The Crime .

The UK law concerning fences, walls and gates . which has open planned front gardens there is likely to be a covenant restricting the erection of any fence or..

How to deal with boundary disputes Which? Gardening Helpdesk

If the fence breaks normal planning rules, contact your local council. If not, you can object only if you have acquired 'rights to light'. The law in England, Wales..

7 Gardening Laws You Didn't Realise Existed (And Have Probably .

Nov 22, 2017 . Thankfully, the people at are on hand to reveal the top . Garden laws and regulations: Are you breaking any of these gardening laws? . The house deeds should indicate who owns fences and is..

Establishing Rights Over Fences & Boundaries - Problem Neighbours

4 days ago . The legal position with regards to boundary and fence disputes, and how neighbours can often solve the . Public Rights of Way in England and Wales .. Our issue is that the garden fence we are responsible for was moved closer to our back door .. I was told there is no law that you have to put a fence up

What to do about a neighbour's tatty fence - Saga

Mar 18, 2016 . Is your boundary fencing becoming tatty or falling down? . There is nothing in law to say which way the 'smooth' (non-post) side of the fence has to face. . What if the fence leans into my garden because of weak posts or poor quality fencing? . Aged 55 or older with a UK home worth at least £70k? Ding the line on boundaries - HM Land Registry - GOV.UK blogs

Feb 27, 2018 . A boundary feature can be a fence, wall, hedge, ditch, piece of wire, .. Garden law can be a useful resource but remember your property, your..

Whose fence is it - AL Hughes & Co. Solicitors

own boundary fence and leave the question of where the actual boundary is to someone else to . Fences at the end of your garden are often easy to identify. .. This leaflet is not intended as a definitive guide to the law, nor as formal advice..

Everything you need to know about Fence ownership

Aug 1, 2017 . The storm caused the collapse of the garden wall and the boundary wall to his . In the UK, laws about who owns which fence are quite clear

Law and Rights of Garden Fencing | - Fencing Nottingham

While considering putting up a new garden fence you might not have considered checking for any laws as it seems illogical to have laws regarding fencing

Maximum allowed height of a garden fence - Fencing Bristol

The problem of the height of a fence is a daunting one because different people often . permission by the relevant UK authorities at your local land registry offices. . of fencing in Bristol are defined in the building and construction regulations

Boundary disputes - Shelter Scotland

If you're not sure where the boundaries of your house or garden are, or if you've been having . For example, you may have a fence or hedge separating your house from your neighbour's .. Housing laws differ between Scotland and England

Naturenet: Boundaries and Encroachment

In simple terms, the law means that if a neighbour of your moves their fence by a few . for example if a garden adjoins the land, the land encroached upon would . Boundary Problems: boundary disputes and private right of way cases in UK

Legal height for fence front garden - MyBuilder

May 5, 2016 . Planning permission could be required for the fence. . Under the Town and Country (General Permitted Development)(England) Order 2015..

Home owners: Decking & Fencing | Planning Portal - Planning NI

You don't live in an open plan/shared surface type of development. In which case always consult your local area planning office as there may be a condition..

Dispute over a new fence and the boundary line where its been .

Feb 15, 2010 . we bought our property around 3 to 4 years ago. the back garden is very . of less on the boundary half way down the garden and the fence stopped at .. Building regulations are taken seriously lots of them have their head up..

Fence Disputes Solicitors - Stephensons Solicitors LLP

Your neighbour may have erected a new fence which is much higher than. . blocking some of the natural light into your garden, or perhaps his new fence is unsightly. We can help determine whether the new fence is in breach of local regulations or a previous agreement with regard to .. Registered in England and Wales

Couple ordered to sell their £600,000 home over a 3-inch fence row .

Dec 21, 2017 . In 2009 the Constantines accused the Alis of knocking down a fence and .. Moment Yodel delivery man flings Marks and Spencer flowers over a garden fence . Email us at or call 0207 782 4368 . ... the rule of law if you go to law even defending its a risk crazy i know there must have..

Boundary disputes knowing where to d the line for fencing .

Jun 22, 2015 . . garden boundary permissions and laws when installing fencing, gates or .. Most land in the UK is now registered with the Land Registry and..

Having a garden dispute with your neighbour? This is what you're .

May 30, 2017 . This garden fence in Cheltenham was at the centre of a dispute between . offers guidance on prevention of harmful weeds and how to . Solicitor Hannah Parson from DAS Law added: We would always advise..

If your neighbour won't fix their garden fence, what can you do?

If your neighbour's fence is in a poor state of repair it can spoil your enjoyment of your garden, as well as causing privacy issues. So what can you do? Is it really worth fighting over? | Money | The Guardian

Oct 16, 2005 . Fashion · Food · Recipes · Love & sex · Home & garden · Health & fitness . A spiral of charges can be set in train over ownership of a fence, overhanging . by builders and developers taking the law into their

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