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Plastics may be degraded under the action of direct sunlight which reduces their mechanical strength

The Disadvantages & Advantages of Plastic Material | Bizfluent

Mar 29, 2018 . The strength, durability and flexibility of plastic makes life easier, improves and even saves lives, and also money. Yet, plastic comes with..

What are the disadvantages of plastic? - Quora

Originally Answered: What is disadvantages of using plastic? . Perhaps one of the disadvantages of plastics has to do with there molecular construction

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Dec 19, 2013 . Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Advantages of plastic: . Plastic is used for building, construction, electronics, packaging (gladwrap)..

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycled Plastic Lumber | The .

Recycled plastic lumber has many useful attributes such as being . But there are some disadvantages to go along with the advantages of this green building..

Disadvantages of Plastic - Negative Effects of Plastic

Those disadvantages can range from lack of durability in certain uses, . up to now plastic has managed to become popular building material of millions of useful..

Polymer-based Building Materials: Effects of Quality on Durability

Polymer, Plastic, Building material, Quality, Durability. 1. Istanbul . traditional materials, they have some disadvantages, like their flammability and smoke toxity

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastics .

The advantages of plastics: It is durable, low cost, water resistant, lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture and are light weight

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Roads - EarthUntoched

Sep 6, 2014 . Plastic use in road construction is not new. Recent studies in this direction have shown some hope in terms of using plastic waste in road..

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic and .

Sep 5, 2017 . hi dana the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic fenders are as . Advantages Plastic is very useful in the building and construction,..


Existing plastic-film-greenhouses have some disadvantages. But espe- . Then some construction types, conventional examples and trend of deve- lopment for..

Plastic roads - Smart City Nagpur

Construction process. Field trials. Comparison between ordinary road and plastic road. Advantages of plastic roads. Disadvantages of plastic roads

The Disadvantages of Wood | Hunker

Jun 26, 2011 . Home Hacks & Answers · Building & Remodeling · Building Materials & Supplies . One of the greatest disadvantages of wood is that a variety of pests are . as plastics, which can be formed to give the appearance of wood,..

Plastic vs Concrete Water Tanks: Make a Right Choice

Plastic vs Concrete Water Tanks: Both tanks have different availability, cost, etc. . water storage is a must as the municipality supply might not have that head or pressure so that it can reach the terrace of a high-rise building. . Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling - Conserve Energy .

Plastic: Which include water bottles, plastic bags, plastic wrappers and rubber bags. . Building up a new waste recycling unit takes up a lot of capital

Using mixed plastic waste as a component of light concrete

Nov 12, 2012 . Now, a new method designed to create expanded construction nodules from mixed plastic waste may replace the expanded clay traditionally..

Home Construction Building Materials - Pros and Cons - Heritage .

Here are a few of the most common building materials used in house . The disadvantages to wood construction include vulnerability to water damage, fire,..

Wood as a Building Material; It's Benefits and Disadvantages

Wood as a Building Material; It's Benefits and Disadvantages . is dangerous for human health is not observed in wood unlike metal, plastic and other materials

PVC Pipes: Advantages and Disadvantages - Annandale

PVC is a type of plastic material that is used in sewer lines. Modern sewer pipes are . Discover more about the advantages and disadvantages of PVC below

Disadvantages of Polycarbonate | Hunker

Nov 30, 2010 . Home Hacks & Answers · Building & Remodeling · Building Materials & Supplies. Disadvantages of Polycarbonate . did polycarbonate start gaining in popularity, according to The Plastics Web. Production Disadvantages

PVC Plastics: Polyvinyl Chloride - ThoughtCo

Apr 8, 2018 . Learn about the properties of PVC polyvinyl chloride plastics. . PVC is predominant in the construction industry due to its low production cost, malleability, and light weight. It is used as a . Disadvantages of PVC. PVC is often..

Use of Plastic Waste in Civil Constructions and . - MedCrave

Dec 4, 2017 . The project elucidates about the use of plastic in civil construction. The . Decomposition: The main disadvantages of plastic bottles is the

Advantages and disadvantages of injection moulding - Martin's .

Here, we give you an in-depth guide to this manufacturing process and some of its advantages and disadvantages. Injection moulding is one of the most widely..

Benefits of PVC over other materials - PVCConstruct

Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, is one of the most popular plastics used in building and construction. It is used in drinking water and waste water pipes, window frames,..

Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Applications, Advantages . - Happho

Jun 15, 2017 . Home > Construction Materials > Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages in Construction. World is growing..

8 Reasons Why Recycled Plastic Bottle Houses Rock! - Critical Cactus

Jul 21, 2015 . Think those plastic PET bottle houses are mainly made by . repurposing used beverage bottles into building materials can turn out quite well..

Plastic Boats: Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyethylene Boat .

Aug 2, 2016 . Plastic may seem like a strange boat-building material, but then when you read an article like Basic Boat Construction: Resin, Fiberglass, and..

Advantages of Plastic over Metal - Custom Plastics, Inc.

Feb 25, 2015 . How designers across multiple industries are reducing costs and increasing profits by incorporating plastic instead of metal in new product..

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden VS Plastic Toys .

Dec 23, 2013 . If Wooden and Plastic Toys are in your shopping list but you do not have which type to choose, especially in the safety area, and the..

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum . - ZARGES Cases

Aug 4, 2014 . Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum compared with other materials . Depending on the type of plastic hard, elastic, break-proof,..

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